Friday, 29 July 2011

Asda Nail Varnish

Hello (:
So today I went shopping with my mum and she treated me to some new nail varnish! I have been looking for a pale/lemon yellow kind of colour, but I just cannot seem to find any! So if you know any brands that sell any, please let me know (I know Barry M does, but its not sold at the boots or superdrug near me). So because I was promised a new nail varnish I decided to get one anyway. So I looked at the Asda own brand nail varnish for £1.75! So because theyre so cheap I just couldnt say no to two of them! So I got 56 Swoosh, which is a coral kind of colour then I got 70 Shipwrecked which is a kind of mint green colour.

I have just been painting my nails with Swoosh, then a big ass spider decided to crawl down my wall and pay me a visit! So I only have 1 hand done... This nail varnish drys very quickly, and it doesnt smell like nail varnish, which I love! Id say you only really need 1 coat, but I did another just to make it look brighter. I love the brush, and it makes it very easy to apply... I dont know how staying power or anything like that is because I have only just applied to 1 hand. If the staying power is any good, I think I may start getting these instead of Barry M, as they are a fraction of the price!!

I would take pictures, but its 25 past 11 at night so its not very light in my room!
Have you tried these nail varnishes before? What do you think?

Bye bye (: xx 

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