Saturday, 11 February 2012

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara Review

So I know it has been ages since I have been on here! But I am sorry and I am going to try get on here more often. I dont know if I told you, but my memory card broke which meant I could not uploads pictures with my blog posts, however! I went to Egypt for a week (got pack 1am last night) and I bought a new memory card, which means I can now upload pictures!!!

So I thought, what better way to show off my new memory card than by reviewing a product I have recently found and could not live without! And that product is this:

It is the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara. I got this mascara because I wanted a waterproof mascara that I could wear on holiday so my eyes wouldnt look too daft, but I didnt want the fuss of it running everytime I went in the pool or sea! I also needed a new mascara because mine was out of date and was really hurting my eyes. So I went shopping with my sister and totally forgot about buying a new mascara, until I got into the train station and remembered, so we popped into the boots there which was a tiny one, and didnt have much make up. So I picked up the only waterproof mascara which happened to be this one! I started to use it staright away because I could not handle my eyes being so itchy and watering all the time, and I noticed a different straight away!

The mascara claims to:
- Be waterproof
- Up to 7 time more volume in 1 coat
- No clumps

Do I agree?
This mascara is waterproof, it has not smudged once while being on holiday, the only time it runs or anything is when I dont take it off before getting in the shower, which is good because whats the point of having a shower and wearing the same make up you have had on all day? It is difficult to get off, but I just rub for a few seconds with a wet wipe and it takes nearly all of it off. If you do not take it off and try to reapply the next day you will get clumps and it will be harder to seperate all the lashes.

This then brings me on to the no clumps claim. This mascara do not clump! You can have loads of coats on and it just will not clump. I curl my lashes after ever coat, which means it often does clump, but even when I do that with this mascara, it does not clump, it also holds the curl. I have 2 coats on for everyday, then if im not wearing false lashes on a night out, I wear up to 4 coats and theres still no clumps, it does not flake and does not lose its colour over the duration of wearing it.

I wouldnt say this mascara gives me up to 7 times more volume but it does make my lashes look
 a lot longer! For years I have been wearing black eye liner on my waterline and my eyelid, and its got to the point where I feel naked without eyeliner! But with this mascara I feel like I can go out with just mascara on and my eyes will still look good. I also wouldnt say this mascara gives you length after 1 coat, but after 2 you can see the difference.

Maybe I should have taken a picture before, after 1 coat then after 2 coats. If you would like to see that, just let me know!

So overall I really like this mascara, I would buy again and I would reccomend you get it too!
If you would like anymore reviews just name a product!

Lots of love, Lauren x