Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dying My Hair Red!!

Hello (:
For about a 10-11 months now (since last october) I have had the front part of my hair bleached and then I was putting wash out dye on the bleached bit, so at the moment its pink, then the rest of my hair is just my natural dark brown colour. But because the dye was a wash out one, it needed doing every week. Since starting work, I have been too tired to do this as it means taking an extra hour in my shower time, which I just cannot be bothered to do!

Then the other day I was watching The Jezza Kyle Show, and there was a lovely woman on it who was really upset about her body after she had given birth to her child, but her hair was lovely! It was like a red colour, but the red wasnt in your face red, and I fell in love with it. So I decided I wanted to dye my hair that colour!

So today I went shopping with my mum, dad and sister and we went into a cheap shop and I decided to have a look at the hair dyes. Then I saw straight away the colour I would like to go, its the Schwarzkopf (can tell I have the box infront of me, seeing how you spell it, and I would be so embarrassed if its spelt wrong!) Colour XXL in Red Passion 43. But then because my hair is different colours, I knew that I would have to get it all one colour before I do the red, or the front of my hair would be a lighter shade of red, and I dont want that! So I bought Schwarzkopf Poly Colour in Warm Brown 38, which is just a dark brown (I have this in right now).

This is the first time I have ever dyed all my hair on my own, so I will have to wait and see how it goes before I tell you. So when its done ill upload pictures and say what I think (:
I think I will get my mum to do my red so I dont miss bits out, because that would just look stupid!

After dying my hair the brown colour it was pretty much my natural hair colour, which I think I did really good because I love my natural hair colour. The bleached/pink bits turned a more redish colour, but I didnt think this would be a problem as I was dying it red anyway, so me and my mum were like "it would blend in anyway". I then got my mum to put the red dye in, and we left it for 45 minutes. My hair is now a lot darker than my natural colour. As for the colour its come out, it is slightly red in like bright light, but when its just inside at night it does look black. I like the colour the bleached bits have come out, but I dont know what the back looks like as I cant see the back of my head. I think next time I do dye my hair I will go for another brand and research for the best dye to use, ill also use 2 boxs as I dont feel like just 1 was enough for my hair. It feels really weird to not see bright pink hair when my hair is over my face. I also feel a bit emo because of how dark is looks, also with my dark eye make-up it makes me look a lot more emo! So iv decided to go for a girly outfit today. (I do have a youtube channel, which I will be uploading a OOTD onto, maybe you should check that out! http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperMaggot250893?feature=mhee   Ignore the name please!)

Well bye bye (: xx

After dying it brown:
As you can see the bits at the front are a redish colour.

After dying it red:
This it the colour of the bleached bits

I love the colour it is in this picture!

Pictures from just now:

I think it looks more of a brownish colour now...

But this is the final bye from this massive blog post (: xx

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