Sunday, 17 July 2011

A-Z Of Me! And A Little Update Thing.

Hello (:
So, i'v not been on here since Monday! Wow! Nothing fun has really happened, apart from me seeing the amazing Harry Potter on Friday, it was so good infact, I am going again tonight! I also went to the dogs yesterday, and to be rather frank, I think it is wrong! Not only are dogs being trained and made to run for our pleasure, they are also given something to make them do sloppy poops so they can run faster!! But, it is a good night. And I made £9!!
Other than that, all i'v really done is sleep and work. So on to the A-Z Of Me (:

Bed Size: Single, wish it was bigger. But it isnt!
Chore you Hate: I hate cleaning. So my mum always does it for me... But I hate when I have to mop the floor at work.
Dogs: I have two dogs. The first (and the best) is Max, he is really old now, I would say about 12. He is also a German Shep, which means he has reached his like maximum age thing. But he is really healthy and still runs around playing, so im guessing he still have a few years left in him! We got him when he was about 7 weeks old, so he's part of the family! My other dog is Alfie, he is a staffie and is about 1 and a half maybe, we got him last August, and he may be the most stupid dog you will ever come across!
Essential start of your day: The biggest can of Red Bull you can buy
Favourite Colour: Pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, orange... Basically bright colours. But pink is my favourite favourtie favourite colour.
Gold or Silver: Silver. Just because I have silver lip bars and a silver tongue bar. So if I wore gold earrings it just looks silly. But, silver earrings make my ears itch so I have to buy ones that are gold but had gems in them so you cant really see the gold.
Height: Urm about 5ft5"/6"
Instruments I play: Me and my boyfriend are learning to play the guitar, and we go to lessons every wednesday.
Job Title: Sales Assistant, AKA SLAVEEEE!!!!
Kids:Well I am only 17, so the thought of having children does scare me because im still a child at heart.
Live: With my parents, two sisters, big sisters boyfriend, two dogs, fish, birds, rabbits, rats, lizards, a snake, a tortoise and a scorpion in the North West of England.

Mum's name: Michelle (I think thats how you spell it anyway :S)
Nickname: I dont really have any. People just call me Lauren. My boyfriends sister did call me Ralph, because of Ralph Lauren, but that was when she liked me...
What happened to O?!
Pet Peeve: I just dont like people... But I hate when people are too friendly. Like theres friendly, and then theres friendly!
Quote from a movie:
Ughhhh, Troll Bogies.

Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: I have a big sister, and a twin sister
Time you wake up: When ever I want.
Underwear: I wear whats pretty on the eye and what feels nice...

Vegetables you dislike: All of them!

What makes you run late: When im tired and dont want to get out of bed?
X-rays you've had done: Iv had a lot done, the most recent one was when I broke my toe and my mum thought I had broken my foot because the bruising went up to my leg...

Yummy food you make: I dont cook, just incase I set fire to the kitchen.
Zoo animal: I like them all, mostly the big cats like lions though
Well I must shoot as I am in a rush and this took me away from doing my hair... Ahhh!!
Bye :Lauren xx

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