Monday, 11 July 2011

If money was not an option, I would buy:

Oft, 3rd blog today. Gosh Lauren, you're on a role!!
So iv just been looking at different people's blogs, and I came across Aimee's blog, after reading her if money wasn't an option, I would buy this. I decided I wanted to do something like that! Obviously my blog post isn't going to be as good as Aimees as she did a really cool picture which had all of the things together. But I cannot do that, so I will just try to include the picture within this blog post and write why I want it! Because I am one of them people who go into a shop, or looking online and think "if I had all the money in the world, I would buy this, this and this". So yea! I am going to look at the New Look website, because I just love New Look so much!!

So the first thing is a dress, it is the Sleeveless Pussy Bow Smock which is £27.99. I know this isn't like the most expensive dress ever, but I am 17, which means I do not have a lot of money, and I am also saving up for a holiday which means I do not have the money to spend a lot on a dress. I am also not a dressy person, but if I were somebody who did wear a lot of dresses, this is something I will get! I love the bow and I love that it doesn't show a lot of boobage, as I do not have big boobs so don't really have anything to show off, so I think by having this style it would mean the eye will be taken away from that area. I love that the dress is flowy and girly, but I do not think this will be very good for my body type, but I love the dress on the model and that's all that counts eh?

The next thing I would buy are these Heeled Lace Up Boots which are on sale for £15.00 down from £29.99. Again, I know this isn't a lot of money for a pair of shoes from New Look, but if you're somebody who doesn't really wear heals, then it is a lot of money to spend on a pair of shoes! I didn't like the whole military boot fashion when it was out, but I do really like these. I wouldn't wear them on a night out, but I think they are the type of boots you could wear on a day to day basis.
So this next lot is all the jewellery I would buy, and I look a bit weird because they are all animals, but I like them! So the first one is the Mini Triple Owl Ring which is £4.99. I like this because I am guessing this is going to be a rather big ring, and I think that most other rings this size would be for more than one finger, and I feel like they could be rather uncomfortable. The next thing in my lovely little picture that I made on paint, because I am such a wizz on computers, is the Turtle Ring which is £6.99, I do really like this and by looking at the picture you can see it is one of them rings that you can change the size of, which means you can always wear it on different fingers. Which is really good as the fingers on my right hand are bigger than the ones on my left hand, so by having a ring like this it would mean I could wear it on what ever hand/finger I wanted to! Next is the Embellished Deer Pendant Necklace which is £6.99. I think this could be the most liked thing out of the things I picked! I think I may actually get it at the end of this month (when I get paid). I love how is looks like the deer is looking at you, and it doesn't look daft because you can see the body, and it doesn't look like it is standing in an impossible position. The last thing I picked is the Diamante Rocking Horse Necklace which is £8.99, I love this because I think it would look really nice with a plain white shirt, so will the deer one, but this is just a bit more sparkly as it has gems on it.

Well, that's all the things I have picked this time, I has fun making this blog post, and it must have taken me about an hour! I think I may make these types of blogs again, if you would like to see more like this leave a comment below. I think next time I would pick a different shop. Well thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

See you again (: xx

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