Monday, 11 July 2011

Little rant + donating blood + Harry Potter!!

So I have just finished watching Louise's and Zoe's youtube video about tips on blogging, and I used some of their tips to redesign my blog. I like it, what do you think? But Louise and Zoe said about this blogging thing being easy, and saying if Louise can do it, anybody can. All I can say is this blogging thing is not easy!! I thought I wasn't that bad at computery stuff because I taught my dad how to use facebook, but no! So far I have learnt how to create new blog posts, without clicking on half a million things. Another thing that's difficult about this blogging thing is the fact that you cannot just search for a certain type of blog, like on youtube if you wanted to watch a make up tutorial on how to do a smokey eye then you type it in the search bar and then a load of videos would pop up for you to click on! But instead there's the 'next blog' button which takes you to one blog which is probably not the type you want to see, and I don't know about you, but when I click to view the next blog, they're never in English?!? But apart from that, I do like this whole blogging thing, I like the idea of having a place to type what ever I feel like typing. Like I could just buy a diary to write what ever I want, but this seems a bit more fun?

Well that's that part of this blog over! Oh! Today! I am donating blood!!!!
I know you're probably like "its only having blood taken from your body and put into another person's body, nothing to get all shouty about it". But, I am scared of needles and pain, so this is something to get shouty about. And I know you're probably like "if you're scared of needles and pain, then why donate blood?" But don't you think it would be good to think that something your body makes on a day to day basis, can save somebodys life? I think that idea is amazing!! Only thing is, this is my 3rd time and the other 2 times have failed. The first time I was mega scared, and when the nurse went to put the needle in, I jumped and she missed and I cried... It was such a mess, and I was left with a huge bruise ): It was last year I think, and my boyfriend still goes on about it. Then the second time, my blood was really slow, and it took longer than 15 minutes to fill the bag. And you only get 15 minutes to fill the bag or the machine cuts off and stops sucking your blood out. So because I didn't fill the bag, they wouldn't take my blood! How rude!! So hopefuly this will be 3rd time lucky!
The other night I had a bad dream and this is weird for me because I don't usually have dreams, or if I do, I don't remember them once I am awake. But I had a dream that I was donating my blood, and they put the needle in my arm, but no blood would come out. So they used something that sucked my blood out. And they sucked too much out! And then I went all weak, and small and ugly. When I was telling my boyfriend about it, I compaired myself to Voldemort at the start of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, so now im a bit nervous.

Oh! I mentioned Harry Potter! I am sorry but... Oh My Gosh!! I am so excited!!! I keep seeing the trailer, and I get that weird excited/almost going to puke feeling in my stomach every time. I was looking on the cineworld website, and the 3D glasses and going to be like Harrys!! I have just started reading the books again, and I cannot put them down. Even as I am typing this, I have the book at my side.

Well anyway, I am all out of things to talk about. I might make another blog tomorrow to tell you how donating my amazing blood went. I am trying to make myself eat something even though I am not hungry, just so I don't pass out (not that is has happened before, but my boyfriends dad passed out, and I would hate for my boyfriend to have that over me aswel as the whole crying thing!). So anyway...
Bye bye (: xx

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