Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I Freaking HATE Drugs!!!

Heres a little rant!
I bloody hate drugs!!! I understand once people get addicted to drugs its really difficult to come off them again, but dont they deserve to suffer for ever taking them! I know thats a bad thing to say seeing as Amy Winehouse has recently lost her life to drugs, but after seeing what could happen why would you still do drugs!!!
I would never try drugs, and it makes me feel sick to think my boyfriend does them when hes with friends!!!
I love my boyfriend to bits, and would hate to see anything happen to him as a result of drugs, he isnt addicted to them and doesnt buy them, but if his friends offered him so he would take them!! I know he wont get addicted to them, but things can go wrong when people play with drugs.
I seriously dont understand why people why people would do them. My boyfriend told me when you smoke weed its just like being drunk and you feel all relaxed, but he would rather just drink alcohol, so I dont understand why he just doesnt drink his pint!
I personally think that anybody found with drugs should be sent to prison for a long time, anybody taking them should be punished and anybody growing them should get sent down for life! I hate drugs so much!!!!!!!!

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