Saturday, 3 September 2011

Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream Dry Skin

Hey everybody!
So I havent make a blog post in a long time! Well in 10 days, but still!
So I as you may know, I am going on holiday on tuesday! So excited!! So because the last thing you want on holiday is hairy/prickly legs! And you really dont want to have to bother with shaving and all that while on holiday. So I decided to get some of the veet hair removal cream, simply because my sister has some, and she said its really good!
So I went down to the shop and bought it for around £3-£4... It does cost more, but I bought mine from B&M which is a cheap shop I used to work at.

I then decided to use it tonight (:
So first of all, the instructions are inside the lid! I didnt know this and had to go on the internet to see how to use it.... So you basically spray the spray onto your  DRY legs, and wait around 4 minutes (I waited 3 at first and had to use a razor to shave away the bits that didnt work). You then use the pink thing to remove the foam!
Now this product smells so bad! So if youre one of them people who cannot use a product if it stinks, this isnt for you... However, I am not that easily put of a product because of the smell, but the smell of this product could actually put me of! Its one of them smells, that if youre hung over or feel sick, it would make you puke!!
After you have removed all the foam, you then wash your legs.
Next time I use this, I would probably use the product, then jump in the shower and wash my legs like normal.

So my legs do feel very smooth! Like smoother than when you shave them... Also! No cuts! Which I often get because I like to use a new razor a lot, so the blade is always sharp. The product did not burn my legs or anything. I would say the only bad thing is the smell. I think next time I will open the window or something because my bathroom still smells really bad!
I will do an update blog post to say how long it has lasted.

So until then, bye bye (: x

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