Thursday, 25 August 2011


Hello (:
So iv not posted a blog post in a while! But a lot of things have happened since!
First of all: ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!
Yes, I am 18... Well after 2.30pm I will be 18, but lets not get all technical about it!
So today I woke up at 7.30am because my boyfriend text me to say happy birthday, which is sweet! But why that early? It was my fault though because I knew I would be getting texts and phone calls off my family. My Grandad even text me to say happy birthday!! Which is weird because he has never done that before! At around 8am builders came to fit solar panels onto our roof, if could have been done by now but my Dad forgot our (mine and my twins) birthday today. I had to empty my room yesterday because my room is the only room they need to come in, and they havent even got around to doing the work in here! So ill be having a messy/empty room for a few more days :/
So my Mum and Dad gave us our presents (we didnt give each other presents this morning because we got really excited and gave them at 12am), Nana came around with presents and said happy birthday, then she went to pick up our birthday cake, because thats just her role when its somebodies birthday. My big sister then made bacon butties (which were lovely! And I dont really like bacon, but I wouldnt say no to another one!!). She then gave us some money which couldnt go in the card because they were moon pig ones!!! So yea.
And now im just sat down, waiting for my twin to come back from her boyfriends college, then my big sister is driving us to my college which I left in July because we need one of our tutors to sign our student finance forms so we can get money when we go to university!
Speaking of university, I finally got a letter telling me what building I am going to be in when I first go there (19th september), so me and my  big sister went to see where it was because she had to go in to hand work in so I went a long with her!
Its now less than 2 weeks until me and my amazing boyfriend go on holiday (forgot where im going, but it some where that starts with a T?). I now have £220 so far, with my birthday money added into the funds, I havent seen the rest of my family and im guessing they will give me holiday money. And I get paid tomorrow which means ill have money to go celebrate turning 18 tomorrow and ill have holiday money!
Another thing that has happened is I have finished work :( I hated the job, but I am going to miss the amazing people who work there! My last day was rather remotional, but I managed to keep my tears in... They gave me a box of chcolates and a card, then everybody gave me a hug, which meant my eyes started to fill up but I kept them in! I have managed to add 1 person on facebook, but I cannot find the rest of the people! So im going to go into work on saturday to get my pay slip, then ask people to write their names down because I dont know any of their second names!
Last saturday was my boyfriends 20th birthday, feels weird saying im going out with a 20 year old!!! I spent all my money on him, so iv been living off other peoples money, so iv managed to create a rather big debt!
Oh so the rest of today is going to go as follows:
- Go to the doctors at 5 to get the pill and eye drops, as my eyes are buggered! I am litterally wearing no eye make up today, apart from mascara... So I feel naked!
-Wait for the boyfriend to get here and get more presents!
- Get ready (around 2 hours before we need to leave).
-Meet up with family, and more presents!
-Eat really nice Indian food.
-Get a little bit tipsy.
-Come home, and go bed!

Well, I think I have rambled on for a rather long time!
So see you :D

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  1. hey :)
    you commented on my post -click here- and said you couldnt see the picture?! i think there is something wrong with blogger/my blog at the moment as my header keeps disappearing, but all you have to do is refresh the page and they should come back!
    thanks for commenting though :) and i hope you had a great birthday! and enjoy your holiday!x