Sunday, 25 September 2011

Little Uni Talk

Hey everybody!
So if you read my last blog post, you would know I started uni last monday.
For those of you who dont know, the first week of uni is always freshers week. Which means you just go into uni to meet your personal tutor, meet other people on your course, find out about your course, meet some of the teachers who would be working with you and loads more stuff. Then at night, a ton of different things are set up so that students can meet different students!
So my freshers week has ended! It was fun and this is what I did (its not much):
I went into uni at 10, because I lost the paper telling me what time I needed to be in! So I went to the building me and my sister went to, and a nice man told me I need to get my student ID, and he told me to follow the yellow arrows which were painted on the floor. So I followed them (it was a rather long walk.... It would have been better if he just sent me through the building and told me to join the line!). So while in the line I started talking to a girl, shes doing criminology so we would probably end up in the same talk things. After we got our ID we had to wait around until 2pm, so we went to the pub/cafe that is on the uni campus! And we got some dinner (which was really nice), and we spoke. Then we went to the meeting at 2pm which was just talking about the different things the uni offers, and told us who we should go talk to if we have any problems. After this we went back into the pub/cafe just to talk. We then met another girl, and we all planned to go to a band night that was going to be taking place in the pub/cafe later on that night. So I then went home, and met up with the girls later on. While there we sat near some guys because all the tables were taken up, so then we got talking to them. We did plan to go to town after the band night had finished, because it finished at around 12am. But then I found out I have to be in uni the next day at 9.30am, so because it takes me around an hour to get to uni, then an hour to get dressed. I decided I would just go home and see the girls the next day (I still havent seen the second girl since then).
We had to go to a welcome event in one of the buildings, which was just us being told about the course, and we were given breakfast, tea/coffee/orange juice (I dont like any of these, so I had water, which had bits in it, so I left it). I met a woman that is on my course, who is a lot older than me (like my mum and dads age). She was nice, but I felt odd walking around with somebody old enough to be my parent. After the welcome breakfast we walked to a different building which was going to be different teachers saying hi. So after the talk we went different ways, and I met up with the girl I met on the first day.
We then had a huge wait because the meeting only lasted around 40-50 minutes. So we ended up in the pub/cafe and again had some dinner! After 2 hours I went to the library because we had to go to a talk which was telling us about the computers, which failed because I didnt know my log in details as I lost this paper too! The girl I met had to go to the same meeting an hour later, so I didnt go in with her. I felt really shy so ended up just sitting there playing snake on my nokia (Y) After the talk, I went straight to my boyfriends house, and we popped our dominos pizza cherry!!! We then went to the pub to watch football, and I ended up getting a bit tipsy.
I was supposed to go into uni for 11pm, for a talk about some of the things we would be learning about (this happened to be the one thing I was looking forward to the most!!!). However, I was late :( So I missed this talk, and just waited in the cafe/pub for the girl because she was in the meeting, she said it was really good which made me even more gutted about missing it! But we ate some dinner, and after 2 hours of waiting around, we went off to meet our personal tutors. I really liked mine. You know when you get old people who are really nice, and they just blab on for hours about nothing. But you just sit there taking in every word because you find them so interesting? Yes, hes on of them old people! I didnt meet all the people who were going to be in my personal tutor group thing as his office was really small and only had enough room for him and 4 other people. So I went in with 1 girl and 2 guys. They were really nice, and after the meeting we all walked to a different building so we could find out or timetable because the ones they sent us in the post were wayyyy too confusing! I then went home, then went to my boyfriends house! And we went bowling (:
So thursday was a marquee set up where we go in and its like different places trying to get us to go to them, so they were giving our loads of free stuff. It was also set for friday too. So me and the girl wasnt that bothered about it because we could go the next day. So we met up and we sat in the pub/cafe and spoke until really late. I then got to my boyfriends around half 7-8, and my boyfriend made me food.
I met up with the girl and we went to the marquee and got loads of free stuff, including dominos pizza. There were loads of people walking around dressed as big dominos pizza boxs, giving out pizza vouchers! So I got loads of them :D We then went home, and met up at around half 7. Then we went back to her place and drank alcohol. Then went into town and tried out a few clubs but they cost a lot of money and wasnt that good inside. So we met up with my boyfriend and his friends and had a good night! I think its safe to say I got rather drunk, dont remember a lot of things, and am scared of showing my face, just incase I made myself look stupid. But hey, I guess everybody has been there!

Tomorrow, I have to go in to my first lesson, and im really scared incase im too stupid to actually pass the course!! But I guess if you put the time and effort into something, you can do it!
Well thats a long blog post, so if you made it this far then well done!
Bye bye (: xx

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