Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Book Review?

Hello (:
So as you can tell from the title of this blog post, this is going to be a book review! Now I know this is a totally different post to my other posts, so if you dont want to read a book review, I dont mind if you dont bother reading! But I just want to talk about this book as I think it is a beautiful book.
So the book I am going to be reviewing is 'A Child Called It' by Dave Pelzer (I could not take a picture of the book as I cannot find my camera, and the pictures on google are too small, so if you want to see what the book looks like, feel free to google it). So I decided to read this book because my boyfriend has been saying for a few weeks it was so desturbing he couldnt read it, so I wanted to read it. I went on to Amazon and orded it of there, which was £1.17. I didnt want to spend too much on it as I thought if I couldnt read it all then I wouldnt mind it only costing £1.17!!
The book came in the post today, and I started reading it about 12pm, and have only just finished it now (I did stop to get ready half way through reading).

So the blurb on the back of the book says "This million-selling, New York Times number one best-seller, is the author's heart rending story of his struggle to live through a childhood beaten and neglected by his alcoholic mother, eventually finding a family who love him", sounds sad right! So after reading this I can tell you this book is about a little boy called David, who lived with his mum, dad and two brothers. He had a lovely life and his mum was like the dream mother! His dad was a firefighter and often had to work long hours, which means he wasnt at home a lot. For some reason his mothers attitude changed, and she started to shout at him and hit him. The abuse got worse and she did awful things like dislocation his arm, burning him, wiping a dirty babies nappy in his face, starving him, making him do house work and stabbing him etc etc. (I dont want to spoil it for you). After many years of the abuse, which his father never stopped, his father finally left the home which means David had nobody who made him feel safe anymore. Then one day when David is at school he goes to see the school nurse, who finally thinks it is time to phone the police and report the abuse, the police then come and free David from his mother. The layout of this book starts with the story of how David became free from abuse, then says about the good times with his mum (before the abuse), then goes on to say about how the abuse started, got worse and how he could have died many different times.

There are some things Dave says in this book and it just makes you feel sick! Like I said above I had to stop reading and get ready, just because one of the things he said became too much and I just couldnt read anymore. I know childabuse isnt good, but this book is really good! Like the way it is lay out and all the detail, its definately one of them books that once you start reading, you just cannot put down! I would say if youre one of them people who gets easily upset by things like this then this book may not be for you.

At the end of the book there is a bit of writing where Dave is talking about the affect childabuse has on the children in their adult lives, it then talks about his son and him standing next to the river her used to love coming to with his parents when he was a child, then he says how he hugs his son, who tells him he loves him.... Which seriously made my eyes fill with tears! There is then a part where is teacher at school talks about the way he saw David when he was a child.

Im not sure what else to say other than I reccomend you buy this book.

Bye bye (: x

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