Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wow, im really bad at this blogger thing!!

So, I know I always go for ages then make another blog post and say sorry about not posting for ages! So im not going to do that this time. I would like to think you can understand why I have not been posting on my blog when I say I have been a rather poorly/busy student!
I had an essay to do, and I never knew how difficult university would be! I kind of thought it would be as easy as college, where you spend about a month learning about 1 topic then you go off and write an essay about it, hand it in, get it back then make it better to get a better grade, but no!
You basically go into lectures and seminars (most of them are not helpful).... And the person stood at the front would talk about some random stuff, then you would get your essay questions, pick one and go into the library to find loads of books about this topic because you dont actually know anything about it and therefore have to teach yourself something, then go away and write an essay. Then! You only get 1 chance to submit it, so if its rubbish you just fale!!!
This is really difficult for me because im not somebody who can teach myself something. I can go off and learn more about a topic, but I have to understand the topic a little bit before I go off and get research.... So I finally did a 2500 word essay, the day before it needed to be handed in. I also have one to be handed in next week, so instead of researching about feminization I thought I would come on here and moan to you about how difficult university is!!

As you would have read up there^^ iv been poorly... Iv lost my voice, got a horrible cough that sounds like iv been smoking 40-a-day for the whole 18 years iv been on this earth, I cannot breath because my asthma is bad and I have so much gunk in the back of my nose and throat. I know, I just painted a lovely picture for you! But anyway, I took time off uni because iv been so tired and felt like crap, so I thought I would just relax and hopefuly get better ASAP... However, that did not work for me! And iv obviously missed so much at uni!!!! I found out I have another essay that needs to be in sometime, then I have 3 little tasks to do which needs to be handed in for the start of december. And I know youre thinking "thats plenty of time" but no, I also have a life!!!

But some good news, I found out im getting some reward because I got top marks at college!!! Which means shopping, shopping, shopping, alcohol, and more shopping (:

Well anyway, I hope youre all ok...
See you next time I plan on posting xx

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